• Committees


  • These committees offer interaction and participation opportunities for the affiliates, grouped together according to subjects of mutual interest, so they can share experiences, strategic information and up-to-date themes related to their respective activities.


    The committees revise and offer suggestions to the national government. These create one more opportunity to exchange views with individuals with your same interests and goals.

    Human and Labour Resources

    Through specialized experts on the pertinent subject, current labor laws will be explained and how they impact the human resources in the companies. There will be a questions and answer opportunity.

    Foreign Trade

    There are open meetings, pointing out the importance of bilateral commerce, exchange of information, competitive and local ideas as well as international exchange and investment


    Specialists in inter-related subjects are invited to exchange and share key themes in the fiscal legislation and how they affect your businesses. The subjects of these talks are chosen in accordance with the national government regulations and, in some cases, as specifically requested by the participating companies.

    Environmental Issues

    Besides having full knowledge of the latest environmental laws, open discussions will take place to alert corporations in connection with the observance of these laws, thus avoiding substantial financial penalties which would have a negative impact on the companies.

    Risk Management

    Members exchange experiences and how to handle different situations which may exist within the company and the best way to avoid them.

    Intellectual Property

    Promote information and shares the importance regarding intellectual property and how it applies to your business.


    The main objective is to discuss the factors which influence competitiveness in a corporation and in the region, seeking to establish strategies that will allow fair competition in the international market.

    Agriculture Industry (Agribusiness)- (NEW)

    Promotes initiatives aimed to strengthen the industrial and export capacity of the agricultural sector in Colombia, as well as exchange of better practices and technological ideas between Colombia and the United States.

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