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  • Good government program for the Public/Private sector

    The Good Governance Program is a United States International Trade Administration initiative aiming to strenghen business compatibility, assisting in the local efforts to combat corruption. This process was initiated in 2009 by AmCham in Barranquilla under the name of Mastering Good Governance, Ethics and Sustainability for your Business, which offers concepts, strategies and tools to assist the public and private sectors towards achieving a successful management, thus helping the roles played by corporate leaders as well as ethical and responsible individuals.

    Sister Cities program

    This program provides the basics for the signing of agreements, covering fraternity, cooperation or friendship between Barranquilla and other cities of the world. AmCham continues spearheading the activities of Sister Cities with the United States of America. Its main objects are economic development, education and culture.


    Sister Cities International, with headquarters in Washington D.C., gathers the sister cities from all over the world. Barranquilla is classified as Global City and this category allows us to get more benefits.

    Public and Private alliances

    The alliances with local administrations focus on the special needs of each municipality, ranging from its economaic development to bilingualism. Since 2010 AmCham has sucessfully strenghened its ties with local administrations through public and private alliances. We would like to especially bring out our alliance with the District Mayor's office for the past seven years as well as the district Governor's office for the past two years.


    Due to the importance of being able to command a second language from the academic and business level, the step towards bilingualism followed. AmCham offers full support to this process looking for opportunities to offer students in our schools options to improve courses and classes in English towards the goal for students to become fully bilingual.


    TechCamp is a program from the United States Department of State aimed to small family-run businesses to bring them up-to-date concerning the latest digital improvements offered in the international market. Among the first 80 women selected for this program were five members of the Afro-Caribbean coast from the Atlantic sector who are also members of the center for opportunities in Barranquilla. There are 41 TechCamps throughout the world and Barranquilla is one of them. AmCham works towards maintaining and extending this opportunity for the women of the Colombian Caribbean coast.

    Cacao for Peace

    This USDA-USAID program contributes to the improvement and rural well-being of the cacao farmers through the agricultural development, thus creating a positive economic impact on the revenues, economic opportunities as well as the stability and peace in the Colombian Caribbean region. As of this writing there are three investigation centers in the Sierra Nevada area. AmCham works very close with the Atlantic Governor's office and the United States Agricultural Office in order to strengthen and support this project, as well as assisting in the establishment of similar centres in the southern part of the Atlantic area.

    Member 2 Member

    This program was established with the goal to collect funds for the activities and social responsiblities of AmCham through scholarships to improve command of the English language, therefore contributing to the economic and competitive position of the region. The products and services of the participating companies are promoted within AmCham members, allowing them to get premium products and services at special fees.

    Interns program

    The Interns program offers the possibility to develop a professional practice within one of the most dynamic organizations, AmCham. During a maximum of six months, this becomes an experimental laboratory for future members who would like to know the commercial frame of the city and its various sectors, the management of international business agendas and much more. The profile for out Interns is strict and demanding. We always expect the best from our applicants. Afterwards we submit their names to our affiliated business for future employment opportunities.

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    Negocios con otros afiliados con objetivo social

  • Negocie con otros afiliados

    Las empresas afiliadas negocian entre ellas sus productos y/o servicios a través de este programa. Con ello, apoyan nuestro objetivo de responsabilidad social dirigido al bilingüismo.

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